David’s vision for Florida

I am unequivocally committed to a set of unwavering core values: that all Americans are entitled to life, liberty, and happiness, and that improving the quality of life in Florida and America is not only possible but necessary. I believe in fact-based, unbiased decision-making after a careful consideration of all the relevant facts.  When approaching any issue or determining the best course of action, I will always prioritize empathy, compassion, data, logic, reason, personal experience, and sound advice from advisors and those who will be affected. Most importantly, all members of the community are entitled to an explanation as to why any elected official makes a particular decision. As part of my commitment to transparency, I will always take the time to explain the rationale behind my decision making, and to regularly make myself available to receive real-time feedback from the community I am privileged to advocate for and represent. “Because I said so” is not an acceptable answer, ever. But not showing up at all is even worse.

Protect our Children and Society with Sensible Gun Safety Laws

Common Sense Gun Laws

Gun violence and mass shootings are a public health crisis in America. That is why we need to take swift action to cure this epidemic. We should immediately ban all weapons of war and other assault weapons. We should significantly increase the taxes on both guns and bullets, make background check mandatory in all sales, have a mandatory 30-day waiting period on all purchases, and pursue any law or amendment designed to curb gun violence

Restrictions on Available Weapon

Weapons like those used in many mass shootings are capable of killing and injuring dozens of innocent people in seconds. These are not just guns; these are weapons of mass destruction and it is unthinkable to continue to allow seemingly unfettered access to them. I am firmly committed to enacting as many gun safety measures as possible and ending the terror of gun violence in our schools and our community. I will never take one dollar from the NRA or any group like it, and while I do not have a grade from the NRA yet, I promise it will be an F, and I will wear that proudly. 

Professional Law Enforcement

Until we can make more competent gun safety laws, I believe the best people to protect our children at schools are trained law enforcement professionals.  Teachers should not have to bear the burden of carrying a firearm at a school, paying for their own insurance, and having to make the choice to shoot one of their own students.  It is our responsibility to make schools safe for our children as well as our educators.

Making Florida Public Schools the Best in the Nation

Increase teacher pay to attract and retain professional educators in our Public Schools.

The American public education system can become the best in the World again. America once led the world in primary and secondary education, we now are falling further and further behind. Increasing teacher pay is a top priority.

I was raised by parents who both started their professional lives as educators. I gained an appreciation for the dedication it takes to make a difference in your community, and of the values needed to do so effectively. Their experience was also my first window into the barriers and pitfalls in our educational system that ultimately lead to and exacerbate social, racial, and economic inequality.  

We should pay teacher like doctors. These are the men and women with whom we entrust of children daily. We look to them to give our children the crucial, foundational knowledge they will need to live their best life. Why would we want anything less for our them?

Highly competitive pay, institutional support of the licensed profession, and professional freedom will not only retain the best and brightest teacher, but it will also retain the most effective professionals in this field.

As parents of students in the local public school system we see this first hand and up close, and it is sometimes hard not to feel as though the politicians in Tallahassee are intentionally trying to make teaching as unattractive a profession as possible. That has to change, and I cannot wait to help lead that charge in the State House.  

Equip our Schools with the Best Resources

We must also ensure all schools have the best resources available, and plenty of them. Teachers should not be forced to come out of pocket to buy basic supplies for their classroom. Children deserve to be given every resource to learn and succeed and I will fight to see that they have them.

Reallocating funds from standardized testing to more meaningful supplies and resources for our teachers is imperative to improving educational standards in Florida.  It is my goal to listen to, and learn from our teachers as to what is the best way to spend our educational budget. Lawmakers, testing companies, and politicians should not reap the most benefits of our precious budget for education. 

Make Public Colleges, Universities, and Technical Schools Affordable to All Floridians

I support providing free and affordable access to public colleges, universities, and technical schools. Education is the most freeing and valuable tool we will ever have. That is why we must remove the financial barriers to universities and technical schools, so the opportunities and life afforded by a higher education is not limited to the wealthiest among us. 

Paths for young adults that are not able or don’t feel inclined to go to a traditional 4-year university should have an affordable, reasonable path to gain lucrative employment.  Trade schools and technical schools are a vital part to our society. By training young Floridians in various trades, we can utilize their talents and better equip them to be sustainable members of our work force. 

Fight for The Right to Healthcare

Being healthy should not depend on being wealthy. Everyone has a right to healthcare, and I will fight to get truly affordable, comprehensive healthcare for every single Floridian. Fear of being bankrupted from getting sick, takes away our freedom.

We live in the wealthiest nation on the planet. And we spend more per person on healthcare than any other nation. Yet, millions of Americans do not have access to affordable healthcare and are overburdened with the costs of plans and services. The ACA was an improvement, but Republicans continue to attack our access to even afford private healthcare. I support Medicare For All, and I support plans to implement such a program on the state level. Florida should expand Medicaid immediately and get life-saving medical coverage to as many as possible. 

Ensure Every Floridian a Livable Wage and Workers Rights

Livable Minimum Wage

Working a full-time job should mean making, at the very least, a living wage. This means being able to afford a decent home, food, transportation, leisure, and other essentials, yet this is not the case now. We must raise the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour, and we must update this amount every single year. Being forced to work more than full-time and still not be able to or barely afford living is not freedom.  When people can afford to live, they are not as reliant on social programs to make up the difference. When we can get large companies to pay their workers to live, Floridians save money, and can build the economy.

Affordable Childcare

Everyone has the right to have a family and the government should support those efforts. Childcare can be prohibitively expensive and force people to forgo having a family or forgo their career. I support plans to make childcare accessible and affordable so all those who wish may have a choice as to their career.

Paid leave 

Employers should be required to provide a minimum amount of paid leave each year to employees

Equal pay for equal work

Support and Promote Renewable Energy and Protect Florida’s Valuable Natural Resources

As Floridians, we are on the forefront of the issues caused by the climate crisis the planet is facing. We must take decisive and aggressive action to protect our state and help prevent and mitigate the impact the crisis is already having on our state. More active hurricane seasons, deadly red tide & algae blooms, increase in flooding incidents, etc. This crisis isn’t coming, its already here. We cannot and must not inch our way forward. I support plans to incentivize the development and use of alternative energy sources and holding abusers accountable in meaningful ways. Instead of offshore drilling that puts our pristine beaches and tourism economy at risk, we should be investing in alternative energy like wind and solar. Is there any reason, aside from special interest opposition and fealty to fossil fuel, that the sunshine state is not the national leader in solar energy? 

Create New Jobs for Floridians

Holding developers accountable for our community infrastructure

We must invest in our growing infrastructure needs now. Our community is growing quickly and all too often developers are not held accountable to adequately invest in the long-term needs of the community. We must make it a priority now ensure adequate resources for foreseeable growth. And we must ensure the work of development only goes to responsible community partners.

Use public policy to attract private sector companies to Florida

When our public policies are sound, private sector businesses will be attracted to our growing, healthy economy.  Supporting programs like healthcare, education, and renewable resources, we will bring more companies and more jobs in these sectors to Floridians.  

Building a more progressive society will entice technology companies to move to Florida.  As a member of this emerging field, I have special insight into what we, as legislators, can do to bring more of these jobs.  


Create a Rehabilitative Criminal Justice System

Rehabilitation not retribution

We need to reform our current criminal justice system from a retributive to rehabilitative. The US is less than 10% of the world’s population but we house almost 25% of its prisoners. We need comprehensive reform, and it starts with changing how we frame the goals of our system. I support efforts to focus of rehabilitating prisoners, so they are ready to return to society. We must prepare them to be productive members of society, and not set them up for failure. This will have the added effect decreasing recidivism.

Ban private prisons

Abolish cash bail

This is another advantage afforded the rich while the less fortunate sit in jail awaiting trial, sometimes for years, for minor offenses for which they are ultimately found not guilty. This injustice needs to stop, and I support efforts to rid Florida of cash bail.

Abolish death penalty

The government should not be in the business of killing its people for any reason. Not only do we risk killing an innocent person, but we risk doing so with no benefit of deterring crime. It is also more expensive than life in prison. It is a hypocritical and immoral practice and I believe Florida is simply better than that.

Protect and Support our growing LGBTQ community

Sexual orientation and gender identity should be established as protected classes. No person should have to fear being legally fired because they are LGBTQ and I will fight to ensure everyone has equal protection under the law. 

Enhance, Update, and Legitimize Florida’s Campaign Laws and Elections.

Voter Rights and Elections

  • Automatic voter registration
  • Election day a state holiday
  • Better Election Day Practices to ensure voter confidence

Campaign Finance

There is no true democracy with the corrupting, disproportionate influence of special interests. The voice of the people should be the only influence on the decisions of our elected officials. When lobbyists and special interest can clearly and conspicuously influence policy, the people lose, and reliable democracy is destroyed. I am running to defend true democracy and fight for meaningful campaign finance reform and ending special interest corruption.  We cannot let groups, like the NRA, control our society.

Manatee County


Sarasota County

Let’s bring a better vision to District 73 in 2020.

 -David Fairey

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